Channing Tatum, Salma Hayek walk red-hot carpet at SoBe premiere of new ‘Magic Mike’

“Magic Mike” movies — they keep making ’em, so we’ll keep taking ’em, at the theaters.

“Magic Mike’s Last Dance” is the third and final entry in the franchise, and the stars were walking a red-hot carpet in SoFlo, Wednesday night. Deco’s Alex Miranda has all the deets from the Regal Cinemas on Lincoln Road.

What’s better than “Magic Mike XXL?” Magic Mike Live! Like, in-your-face live.

Kalon Badenhorst: “The best way I’ve ever heard it described is a hip-hop, dance, cabaret extravaganza.”

And the real-life version of the all the sweaty action in “Magic Mike’s Last Dance.”

Channing Tatum (as Mike Lane): “What did you want before Miami?”

Salma Hayek (as Maxandra Mendoza: “I just wanted to escape my life.”

Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek star in the third and final installment, with Mike bartending in Miami — before a wealthy socialite leads him to London, where the “Magic Mike” stage show is born.

Salma Hayek (as Maxandra Mendoza: “People are lonely, disconnected. We’re going to wake them up.”

We met the cast on the red carpet at Regal South Beach.

Channing Tatum: “Without Salma, we would just be a bunch of privileged white dudes making a movie. She literally came in and made it actually mean something.”

Alex Miranda: “Do you have any tips for the guys watching right now to know how to be the sexiest?”

Salma Hayek: “Connection, you know, through the eyes. You know, with the body, but also like listening, like really trying to be with the other person.”

The premiere is taking place just minutes from “Magic Mike Live,” at Miami Marine Stadium on Key Biscayne.

Alison Faulk: “It is a spectacle, and then we have cast members from around the world, the best at what they do.”

Oh, and they do a lot. I saw the Las Vegas residency. Here’s my review.

Alex Miranda: “Ahhh! Hahahaha!”

Hollywood choreographer Alison Faulk, responsible for Channing Tatum’s world-famous moves, is also a Pembroke Pines native.

Alison Faulk: “South Florida is, like, the place for this show.”

Where now, Kalon is Mike.

Kalon Badenhorst: “I’ve trained in multiple different dance styles: hip-hop, contemporary, ballet, modern, jazz. It’s definitely a sexy show.”

Well, then let’s get to it!

[Kalon performs a top-swipe.]

That’s a top-swipe, but i’ll settle for the dolphin dive.

[Alex performs dolphin dive.]

Kalon Badenhorst: “Yeah! That’s it!”

Next, Brian is going to us old faithful.

Brian: “Boom! Boom!”

Alex Miranda: “Oh! Oh! I get it. OK…”

Brian: “You’re just going to kind of slide your knees back as your hips touch the ground.”

[Alex performs the move.]

Brian: “Yeah! What?! And that’s the key: you make eye contact.”

And now, all together! And some.

[Alex performs all three moves back to back.]

Alex Miranda: “This is so embarrassing.”

Alison Faulk: “You went all in, and that’s a 10 in my book. A strong medium for ability.”

“Magic Mike’s Last Dance” bares all in theaters beginning Feb. 10.