Luke Bryan unleashes a “unwarranted” tirade regarding Dustin Lynch’s drinking and STD tests

TikTok users are criticizing Luke Bryan for his odd introduction of fellow country singer Dustin Lynch at a Mexican music event.

The weekend before Lynch took the stage at Crash My Playa 2023, Bryan begged the crowd to give his friend a warm greeting.

“No one has consumed more alcohol, vomited more, taken more drugs, received more intravenous fluids, or passed more STD tests than this gentleman,” the “American Idol” judge added.

Bryan, 46, clarified that Lynch, 37, has a “clean bill of health” and “does not have any diseases.”

Lynch began his performance immediately following Bryan’s tirade and did not appear to reply to his comments, which have since gone viral on the video-sharing website.

“What Luke Bryan said about Dustin Lynch was totally unjustified! Nobody deserves a stage introduction like Luke gave Dustin,” the original poster of the video captioned their post.

Another person added, “I love Luke, but he sounded like an idiot in that introduction, good grief.”

A third viewer concurred, “I am beyond disappointed with what Luke said about Dustin, which was not cool at all.”

No one has consumed more alcohol, used more drugs, or passed more STD tests than Lynch, according to Bryan.

“Everyone should be blogging about this!! Very inappropriate,” another wrote.

Other TikTokers, however, stated that Bryan simply appeared to be making fun of his friend, who has been a Crash My Playa mainstay for years.

One fan said, “I believe he was making a joke.”

Have you ever considered that they are really close friends? another inquired.

Bryan and Lynch’s representatives did not respond to Page Six’s requests for comment.

This is not the first time in recent months that the singer of “One Margarita” has been criticized.

Bryan invited Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to join him on stage during a benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Ian in October 2022.

The 44-year-old Republican politician has attempted to restrict abortions, opposes gun control, supported the “Don’t Say Gay” measure, and opposes COVID-19 safety regulations. In spite of this, he was largely recognized for his recovery efforts following the hurricane.

In reaction to the backlash, Bryan wrote, “I recognize that Governor DeSantis is a divisive figure.” “However, I grew up in a country where if a governor asked if they could come and raise awareness to aid victims of a natural disaster, you would assist.”