As a male, transgender lady raped two women

After being found guilty of raping two helpless moms while posing as a man, a transgender woman was held in an all-female prison for up to a month before being punished.

After assaulting the people she first met online, Isla Bryson perpetrated the brutal sex crimes between 2016 and 2019 while sporting a shorn head and a facial tattoo in the likeness of Mike Tyson.

The 31-year-old, who said that she started transitioning from a male to a woman in 2020 but claimed to have gender difficulties since she was four, refuted the charges. Although she said she did not like sleeping with women and that they made the “first move,” she told the jury that all intercourse was consensual.

When the then-man sat down next to her in bed in 2016, the first victim recalls continuously saying “no” while her “muscular” attacker sexually assaulted her. When they intended to see the movie Mean Girls in 2019, the second lady was raped in an apartment.

In July 2019, she made her debut appearance as Adam Graham in the dock. The rapist was later referred to as Annie Bryson in high court documents from the year 2020. She had assumed the name Isla Bryson at the beginning of her six-day trial.

was convicted guilty of the two rape offences today at Glasgow’s High Court. She disputed the accusations and testified that she “would never damage another human being.”

She had been released on bail, but today Judge Lord Scott ordered her to remain in jail until her sentence in Stirling on February 28. It is believed that Bryson would spend her first detention in a specialized section of the Cornton Vale jail for women.

When transgender child molester Katie Dolatowski was transported to Cornton Vale in December, over 60 protestors gathered outside.

Around this time, according to Bryson, she initially decided to ‘transition’ from a guy to a woman.

She was referred to as Isla Bryson at the time of the trial, and the jury was informed that Adam Graham was now her “dead name,” which a transgender person is given at birth but no longer uses after transitioning.

Having met the first victim while using the alias Adam on the Badoo dating service, she had assaulted him at a flat in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire.

This happened just after Bryson’s relationship with a lady came to an end.

Bryson said in her testimony that she had basically utilized the 30-year-old as a place to reside.

However, the victim admitted to being “head over heals in love” with Adam. She eventually suffered however as Adam turned from “caring” to losing his cool over insignificant issues.

On September 16, 2016, Bryson shut the door and climbed into bed next to her when the rape took place.

The victim stated: “I assumed Adam had come for a hug and – at that point – everything seemed funny and wrong” in pre-recorded evidence that was given to the jury.

“I had no idea what was happening.”

She remembered saying “no” a number of times as a “muscular” Adam pressed himself on her.

The victim’s mother had to switch on a light in the hallway in order for the nightmare to stop.

On June 27, 2019, a second lady was sexually assaulted in a Drumchapel, Glasgow, apartment.

Bryson explained before the jury how she met the 34-year-old on the social networking platform Bigo and had discussed her “sexuality concerns” with him.

The two were reportedly intending to see the movie Mean Girls together when the court heard this.

The victim remembered feeling “crushed” when the assailant, whom she identified as Adam, pressed himself against her.

I told him to stop, but he didn’t,” she said. He continued on. I then closed my eyes and let him to go as he pleased.

Bryson, who claimed to be “scared” in the witness box, often broke down in tears when denying the allegations in her own testimony.

I would never do that, she said. I’d never assault a lady.

Bryson did acknowledge “cheating” on the first victim, saying, “She loved me.” I killed myself by harming her in that way.

She admitted to the jury that she did not initiate sexual contact with the second lady. You can count on me.

She was questioned about her gender problems today by Bryson’s attorney as well. When Bryson was four years old, she first became aware of this.

“I was usually hanging around with the females and always wearing makeup,” she said to the jury.

Bryson said that following her first court appearance on the rape accusation in 2020, she initially decided to “transition” from a guy to a woman.

She has had hormone therapy and is now pregnant. Bryson said when asked about surgery, “I absolutely want all the surgeries that the NHS can supply.”

The first rape assault was reported to the police in 2016, but there were no further “proceedings at that point,” according to prosecutor John Keenan KC after the judgment.

Bryson’s sentence was postponed by Lord Scott until February 28 in Stirling.

She had previously been convicted three times at summary levels, but not for sexual offenses, and she had never been imprisoned.

However, the court informed her, “You have been found guilty of two very severe counts.”

Given the charges against you, a hefty prison term is unavoidable.

“I’ll revoke your bail and hold you in detention in the meantime.”

Most days, Bryson would arrive with a large luggage. The public and media were required to see events from a viewing area located elsewhere in the courthouse.

Bryson reported feeling uncomfortable after having her picture taken as she came in court, leading to the abandonment of a prior trial.