Dôme De Luxe helps create precious memories for you and your loved ones in beautiful setting

The holidays are all about giving, but there’s nothing wrong with being on the receiving end of something epic … like the ultimate date night experience, or even a proposal. Deco’s checking out a SoFlo company that’s ready to help you put the “win” in winter.

Jennifer Lopez (as Mary Fiore): “I can do this. I can plan this wedding.”

Kevin Pollak (as Dr. John Dojny): “What you have is cold feet.”

Jennifer Lopez (as Mary Fiore): “And I can treat that doctor like any other faceless groom.”

Matthew McConaughey (as Steve Edison): “I am gonna let her plan the wedding.”

Jennifer Lopez (as Mary Fiore): “And that’s just what I’m gonna do, because I love a challenge.”

You’ve heard of the wedding planner, but South Florida has someone even better.

Koy Holmes: “I am an event planner here in South Florida. I organize intimate events for my clients.”

At Dôme De Luxe Miami, intimate means special, and owner Koy Holmes definitely knows a thing or two about creating moments to remember.

Koy Holmes: “We help people plan proposals, date nights, anniversaries, intimate gatherings, things like that.”

Nothing says romance like your own little island of love.

Koy Holmes: “The island is a floating island where guests can come out and have dinner on the water. It’s surrounded by trees and grass, and that’s how we want our guests to feel, like they’re somewhere else.”

It’s hard not to go with the flow when you’re on the water, so make a toast to happily ever after.

Edward Herbert: “It’s the most unique experience I’ve ever had. It was really private, it was really intimate, it was really fun. It’s a good vibe on the water.”

Ready to pop the big question? Take your proposal to the next level with a private dome on the beach.

Koy Holmes: “A lot of people propose during the holidays, and these are creative and different ways that you can propose and create a lifelong memory for your significant other.”

After helping you pick out a location, Koy and her team set everything up on the sand.

Koy Holmes: “Our Dome Package is customized and catered to each individual couple. We add the lights, which makes it even more beautiful, rose petals.”

So, all you have left to do is keep it all a secret … and get down on one knee.

She said yes! Which means now it’s time for even more romance.

Koy Holmes: “The dome is really unique, because it allows you to have dinner on the beach.”

You can kick things up a notch with live music, and even add a show with as much spark as your love.

Sunil Ramchandani: “This was just perfectly done. They had everything planned for us, and everything was prepared.”

Nilam Singh: “I thought it was for somebody else when I was walking, but no. Beautiful, everything is amazing. The fact that it’s on the beach, and to be able to get something so pretty, it’s amazing, just amazing, beautiful.”

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