Ian is powering-down

At landfall, Wednesday afternoon, Hurricane Ian slammed into Florida’s Gulf coast with winds of 150 mph! As of 8 PM Wednesday evening, the hurricane was centered over the central part of the Florida peninsula. Winds were clocked at 115 mph as of the latest advisory. Of course, that’s still very powerful as Ian spreads impacts across all of central (and even northeastern) Florida. Hurricane conditions will continue through early Thursday, but the intensity will gradually come down.

As for south Florida’s weather, the strongest effects have moved by. What’s left? A few, fast-moving rain bands are still possible along with the occasional surge of wind. The threat for tornadoes has ended. Still, as of this writing, a Flood Watch remains in effect due to some remaining showers. Please drive carefully across the area due to possible debris that could be flying around. For more updates, tune in to Channel 7 with complete coverage ahead at 10 pm and 11 pm.