Maura Healey meets with business leaders, touts housing plan

Attorney General Maura Healey joined business leaders in Boston Thursday, as she continues to make the campaign rounds ahead of November’s general election.

“Massachusetts is home to the greatest people, innovation, and know-how in the world, and it’s going to be the job of our next Governor to harness these resources to grow our economy,” Healey said.

Healey spoke at the Verizon Innovation Center in Boston, a “technology-based workspace” housed on the 15th and 16th floors of the Hub Causeway, where Verizon staff demonstrated for the prospective governor some of what the communications company is working on at their research and development site.

Healey seemed impressed by the breadth of what was being shown during her brief tour, from the latest in robotics to facial recognition and shot spotting technology, as well as virtual and augmented reality products, and said it’s a perfect showcase of what she says will grow the state’s economy.

“The Verizon Innovation Center is a wonderful example of how we can do this. As Governor, I’ll be committed to creating spaces where the greatest minds in our technology sector can get together to take their ideas to the next level,” she said.

According to Healey that means putting a focus on making it so people want to work and live in Massachusetts, and so she used the visit to tout a recently launched housing plan her and her running mate, Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll, hope will help alleviate the housing shortage which has plagued the commonwealth for decades.

“This requires a focus on making Massachusetts more affordable, especially when it comes to housing, seeking out public-private partnerships and supporting workforce development programs,” she said.

Before touring the Verizon site, Healey met with members of the Massachusetts Business Roundtable, to explain “her plans to make Massachusetts more affordable and strengthen our economy,” her campaign said. There too, her housing plan was the subject of discussion.