It’s a family affair with The Resolvers — and they define themselves as ‘big band reggae’

One of the great things about being in a band is finding your own musical style. You take a little of this, a little of that, mix it up, and you’ve got a new sound. That’s what The Resolvers did to create big band reggae, and when Deco sat down with them at B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale, we found out all about it.

The Resolvers (singing): “It’s ya real reggae music, you try, reggae music.”

The Resolvers have resolved to make you move. They do that by playing what they call “big band reggae.”

Ron Eisner: “It’s a mix between Jamaican roots reggae and New Orleans style funk and jazz.”

The horn section supplies the power in this group.

Ron Eisner: “Obviously, horns are very popular in the reggae genre, but we put a little more focus on the horns on the arrangements in the songs.”

Doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or a band member. The music gets everybody up and dancing.

Sahara Smith: “It moves you physically as well, you know? You feel it, you kinda feel it in your body, and you just wanna, like, move with it, ’cause the horns, they dance as well.”

The Resolvers also know how to put you in a mellow mood.

O’Jay Smith (singing): “I am ready, ready and willing to give you all the lovin’ you need.”

No matter what the vibe is, the inspiration comes directly from Jamaica.

O’Jay Smith: “Reggae was always a foundation with me, especially with me and my sister, with our father being in the industry for so long.”

Their father is famed reggae singer Ernie Smith.

Ernie made sure his kids caught the performing bug.

Sahara Smith: “He would, you know, drag us up on stage and have us sing a little something.”

The members of The Resolvers believe they reflect the best of SoFlo. We agree.

Ron Eisner: “We feel like we’re a great representation of what South Florida has to have, which is a mix and match of all unique cultures.”