Coyote pup once mistaken for dog released back into wild with companion by wildlife center

A coyote pup that once came home with a family, thinking they had rescued a stray dog, is now back in the wild after several months of successful care.

According to the New England Wildlife Center, the orphaned coyote was originally brought in after a family on the Cape came across him in the spring, believing the wild animal to be an abandoned German Shepherd puppy.

Reaching out to the Cape Wildlife Center after figuring out their mistake, the pup was brought in and spent the last half-year in their system’s care, making a friend along the way.

The pup was paired with another orphaned coyote that was transferred from a facility in Rhode Island, leading to both quickly becoming companions as they grew up and stuck together.

The two bonded so closely, the Center said they remained weary of humans as they built their instincts: a good sign that both were on their way to returning to the wild.

Calling it a “#Graduation” in a Facebook post, the Cape and New England Wildlife Centers announced the two were released as a unit and appeared to remain together as they were freed.

Both pups also received vaccinations and learned natural behaviors in their facility’s large, outdoor caging apparatus before their release.