Everything you Need to Keep in Mind Before Playing Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin dice has been there since 2014; although it has not gotten the popularity it deserves, it is gradually gaining prominence, especially with casino game players. Bitcoin dice games are recommendable for gamblers, as in, if you are a good gambler, you will do well in this. 

There are many platforms where you can easily access a bitcoin dice game; you just have to make the right choice. 

Unlike in a casino game platform where you will be needed to stake with fiat, in a bitcoin dice game, you are expected to stake using the BTC – although some platforms go beyond just bitcoin; they often give provision for other coins to be used. 

Managers of this game have also done well when it comes to introducing interesting games around the new niche. 

Although there have been complaints about theft and illegal activities going on, this is the 21st century; you barely see a legitimate platform without a clone created by hackers for the wrong reasons – you have to be careful not to become a victim. 

So, if you need the best-performing bitcoin dice games, we’d advise you to go for RNG and slot games. There are others, though, but those mentioned above are the most popular.

Besides winning interesting amounts in prize money, playing Bitcoin dice games using real money means wagering the assets you can afford to lose. 

Not like you will have to lose in mind, but just like most crypto advisors will say, “always invest your spare money.” But since this is gambling, extra care is required.

Few Information about Bitcoin Dice Games

It is funny how many of these bitcoin dice platforms don’t need players to put their trust in casino games, even when the bitcoin dice games have the same characteristics. 

The game is designed in such a way that players can privately verify the game they play – as in, verify if the games they are about to play are safe and fair enough to stake funds. 

Every game session is checked at the end to confirm that results are properly documented before the stakes are made.

The bitcoin dice game is just like every other gambling game: it can’t be trusted; there’s bound to be shady deals here and there. So, to be on the safe side, prospective players are expected to go through the game’s ‘fairness’ section and understand their terms before wagering. That will guarantee the authenticity of those odds you see on the platforms. 

As for the withdrawal methods, it all depends on the platform you have chosen. Withdrawal channels on these systems give these platforms a strong advantage.

Participants in bitcoin dice games can cash out their earnings through any of the game’s payment channels. 

Also, note that bitcoin withdrawals are processed within one hour to give winners the opportunity to hold their winnings faster, unlike what is applicable on a standard casino platform.

How do you Play the Bitcoin Dice Game?

Before you indulge in a bitcoin dice game, there are a few things you must consider, and we have listed the points below:

Betting on a number less than 75 is as good as betting on the ones greater than 25. On most bitcoin dice platforms, the house has a 1% advantage over most dice games. It is nearly impossible to find a casino game without at least a 3% or 4% advantage for the casino.
Martingale remains one of the most popular strategies in a bitcoin dice game, so we’d advise you to use it more often. It has become a common method adopted by players to recoup their losses and make more profits on each betting unit each time they stake on.
Make sure to select your preferred maximum or minimum stake value to play on. It helps you make an early decision. 
Choose the numbers you wish to stake on. Unlike the traditional dice games, you can pick from 1-100 depending on your chosen game.
Select your preferred betting option. Make sure that the result of your dice roll is greater than the selected number. You can also choose to stake in a place where the dice roll is lower than the chosen numbers. 
Click on the ‘Roll the Dice’ button to start your betting process. You will also have to wait for the Random Number Generator (RNG) to decide your winning number.
If you predict the number correctly, and the rolled number is either lesser or greater than the predicted ones, you will still emerge the winner – else, you will lose the bet.

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